Cabo Verde Express : The charter aviation company of Cape-Verde Cabo Verde Express : La compagnie aérienne charter du Cap-Vert Cabo Verde Express : A companhia aérea de voos charter de Cabo Verde
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Renting airplanes for one day excursions, transfers, VIP flights, evacuation or cargo flights,...
We operate between the different islands of Cape-Verde and between Cape-Verde and the African continent.

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Among our customers :


Cabo Verde Time,

Jumbo Tour,

Barracuda Tour,

But also of the particular customers or investors

The TACV (the national company Cabo Verde Airlines).


Cabo Verde Express has hangar availability for aviation companies to perform maintenance on the Airport of Sal (Amilcar Cabral International Airport).

Ground Space available is 1400 square meters – in addition to this modern hangar a tug as well as a GPU are available.

The facilities have space to accomodate stores.

Please contact us for further information and pricing.