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The L410 is very successful Czech commuter which was first built in response to Soviet requirements, but has sold widely around the globe.

First design studies of the original 15 seat L 410 began in 1966. The resulting conventional design was named the Turbolet, and was developed to be capable of operations from unprepared strips. The powerplant chosen was the all new Walter or Motorlet M 601, but this engine was not sufficiently developed enough to power the prototypes, and Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6A27s were fitted in their place. First flight occurred on April 16 1969, and series production began in 1970. Initial production L 410s were also powered by the PT6A, and it was not until 1973 that production aircraft L 410Ms featured the M 601.

The basic L 410 was superseded from 1979 by the L 410 UVP with a 47cm (1ft 7in) fuselage stretch, M 601B engines and detail refinements. The UVP was in turn replaced by the M 601E powered UVPE in which the toilet and baggage compartments wererepositioned allowing more efficient seating arrangements for up to 19 passengers. The Let UVPE-20 is the current production version.

The L 420 is an improved variant with more powerful M 601F engines, higher weights and improved performance designed to meet western certification requirements. It first flew on November 10 1993 and was awarded US FAA certification in May 1998.

Our airplanes can welcome 19 passengers and two pilots.

The maintenance services of our airplanes are performed in Europe at the constructor facility: LET AIRCRAFT INDUSTRIES.